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Sunshine School and Ingles Markets - 2009 - 2010 Tools For Schools

Ingles Markets - 2009 - 2010 Tools For Schools

Link to Sunshine School!    

Hey! Did you know if you shop at Ingles and use their Advantage card that they'll send a donation to your favorite school? Robin Smith, the librarian at at Sunshine School, asks that all of you Sunshine Fans go online to Tools For Schools and register Sunshine as your school.

Robin says: Click on "Sign Up Right Now", key in you name and your card # and hit "Submit".

A percentage of your purchases goes to Sunshine School. Our school received several hundred dollars from this program last year. It doesn't cost you anything and only takes a minute to sign up. Just remember, this is only signing you up for this school year. If you choose to do this, remember to link your card again at the beginning of next school year.

Also, if any of you are willing to clip and save the BOX TOPS coupon that is on many grocery packages, that would be great. Each BOX TOP is worth 10 cents. It is amazing how this adds up. You will find these labels on items such as cereal boxes, cake mizes, frozen pizzas, many soups, Ziploc products and many, many others.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Strategies for Protecting Your Property

Golden Valley, Logan's Store, Duncan's Creek and Sunshine

Twenty-three people attended the meeting.

"There are some simple things you can do to protect your home that you might not have thought of." says Pastor Gary Smith, formerly an officer of the law in nearby VA and currently the Pastor at Feirview Baptist Church.

"Pay Attention".  

Do you know what's going on at your neighbor's house? Do you know who's up to no-good; who's responsible for some of these break-ins, do you know who's on drugs?. Did you know you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously? They will not ask for your name, what they will do is assign you a number, if one of your tips nets a reward the check will be payable to your number and sent to the bank where you can pick it up and cash it. No signatures required, no questions asked. This is to encourage the public to come forward; this is a way you can call law enforcement without fear of retribution.

Gary says the Bible verse Love your neighbor applies. You need to look out for your neighbor's home and property. We're supposed to help one another and sometimes that means being cohesive. Romans 12:18

There are some men you can not live peacefully with, and they ought to be held accountable. And since in NC we vote for our judges, we need to pay attention to what those judges are doing and hold them accountable, too.

While we have had some break-ins and theft in our area and we've been real lucky.... Home invasions... there haven't been any in our area, yet. But the burglaries continue, and Smith says, "This is not going to stop on it's own. Citizens are going to have to make reports, they're going to have to start paying attention, and you can start right now: Look out for your neighbor."

And look out for yourself - take a walk around the perimeter of your house. Are their tools of opportunity? Bricks, rocks, post hole diggers, a rock with a key under it, a flowerpot?

Check your locks, are they in good working order? Do you have a deadbolt? Make it hard to get into your house. Smith warns, "Sliding glass doors are indefensible. Criminals look for the easy target, they avoid lights, barking dogs, further they dislike dead bolt locks, steel doors, motion lights. Keep your bushes trimmed, so as not to provide lurking room. Don't carry purses in town." (But if you have to... Becky Heavener says, "Run the cart strap through the purse handles, it makes a grab and dash less likely."

If you have a long driveway, you might want to consider a driveway motion detector. A receiver in the house goes off or beeps when there's traffic on the driveway. You can use these around your house, as well as in a driveway. It might be nice to know you're going to have company BEFORE you have company.

Alarm systems are often tied into telephone systems. It can take deputies up to 45 minutes to respond to Golden Valley depending on where officers are coming from from. Rutherford county is 454, nearly 500 square miles, it's a huge county and there aren't many officers. You should have a plan of action, a plan to save yourself, and your family. Chances are the criminals will be gone before the police arrive.

Here are some things you should do.

Keep a pen and paper in your car. If you see something suspicious, write down the time, the date, the type and color of any vehicles, a description of the people, and if you have a camera with you or if your cell phone has a camera, take a picture. And if you have a cell phone and know where your Record button is, you can record information along with your picture.

"Take inventory."

Engrave a number (not your SS#) on large items like tool chests, tools... Use an indelible marker to mark belongings that can't be engraved. Some of your things have serial numbers write them down, laptops, appliances, flat screen TVs. NCIC keeps all stolen serial #'s and if an item is ever recovered, you'll get it back. And put your inventory sheet somewhere safe.

After the new sheriff takes office we'll have him come out and help us set up a community watch. Please let us know if you're interested. Let us know if: you want to be informed about the neighborhood watch and if you want to sign the petition for cell phones.

Golden Valley Community Club Meeting November 15, 2010

November 2010:  Golden Valley, Sunshine, Duncan's Creek, Logan's Store

If you missed our Turkey Dinner you missed a good time . Food, folks, and fun were on the menu for the November 15th meeting. Joel Ekstrom from the Isothermal Community College's Financial Aid office was present to talk to us about some of the new packages available to students. There are a lot of ways to go to college, these days, and Joel's just the person you want to speak with. When it comes to funding a college education, Ekstrom knows his stuff.
Twenty-nine people turned out to share a Thanksgiving meal at the Golden Valley Community Club.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Meeting Reminder -- Golden Valley Community Club via #constantcontact

Here's an email newsletter for you. Meeting Reminder -- Golden Valley Community Club via #constantcontact Like this? You can subscribe. Join Our Mailing List is in every newsletter. But, we're having a meeting on Monday night, it will be our second community meeting this month. Pastor Gary Smith will speak on "Strategies to Protect Your Property". Please attend, we meet at 7:00 PM. We are not serving a meal, don't bring anything but yourselves and your neighbors.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Golden Valley NC Fall Color Tour November, 2010

Sunshine, Golden Valley, Duncan's Creek, and Logan's Store are NC Townships

In the East end of Rutherford County, not far from the South Mountains, between Shelby and Marion, NC, you'll find a rural, scenic, historic area with mountains not too high, but high enough to catch some big view-sheds. And it's in the foothills of the Appalachians, so you know it's beautiful. And there is no more beautiful season in the foothills and mountains of Western North Carolina than Autumn. Poets have written much about colored fall foliage, and whoever knows, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood," knows fall was the season Frost was thinking about when he wrote that poem. You may read the poem out loud or to yourself here: The Road Not Taken .

Our Photobucket photo tour begins with Yellowtop, not because it's about Yellowtop, but because I was thinking about Frost's poem and yellow trees and it was too delicious not to take advantage of. Here's a little known fact: It's the multiple poplar trees that give Yellowtop it's crowning glory and you'll find some seriously yellow trees in the second picture. I suggest you view the album as a slideshow.

The inspiration for the Fall Color Tour was my neighbor, Sheila Gipson. Sheila bought a new camera. She was anxious to take it out for a trial run and I was anxious to get out, period. It was a beautiful Saturday, the leaves weren't going to get a bit prettier, and it seemed like our last chance, our last shot before the rains came in Tuesday, November 17th, and the leaves went "brown and down". Out we went at 10:30 AM and we shot the sunset before our return home at 6:30 PM. I've only put some of our pictures online.

Feel free to enjoy them but please do not steal them and claim them as your own. If there's one you must have ask for permission, I don't think you'll find us unreasonable.

You may learn more about our area and Golden Valley at our website:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Golden Valley NC High Speed Internet Access

   There are several Internet providers operating in the Golden Valley - Logan's Store - Duncan's Creek - Sunshine areas.

   If you are researching Internet for the first time, there are a few things you need to know. There are several ways Internet access can be provided and no doubt you've heard of them.
  • Dial Up via Netzero, Juno ...
  • Cable via Comcast, Time Warner, Charter Cable ...
  • DSL via AT&T
  • Wireless via Verizon, Altel, Windstream ...
  • Wireless via local providers, Skycatcher and Skyrunner ...
  • Satellite via Hughes and Wildblue ...
  • Satellite via your TV digital provider: Dish and Directv
   For more see:  Links to providers are here.

   Local providers, are working on solutions to make high speed Internet access available and affordable in our area. Please call Karen: 828 245-9003 to get on the list of people who want high speed Internet access.

New technology is evolving: see High Speed Internet via Electric Lines .

Friday, October 1, 2010

Local Outreach Groups Attend Golden Valley Community Club Meeting

Mary Sue Price speaks at Community Meeting
   As many of Golden Valley's residents hunker down for winter, it's time for a little good news. Sophia Sneed from the Washburn Community Outreach and Mary Sue Price from the Golden Valley, Sunshine, Duncan's Creek Outreach also known as the GVSDC Community Project visited our club on September 20th to let us in on the latest.

   Both groups operate in a hyper-local area, which means, in our little corner of Rutherford County. With funds raised from church donations, grants, and community organizations, both groups help local folks with things like medicine, they might pay an electric bill, might help with a late payment. But the Washburn Community Outreach, which occupies the former Washburn Community Clubhouse, also maintains a food pantry, and sells donated items: clothes, toys, dishes, furniture and whatever they end up with.

   They don't turn anything down. Always finding a use for donated items. The oddest thing that's ever been given, to date, according to Sneed is a very risque nightie, hmmmm. They also might mention the time they got three bread machines in a week... and the time they received four of those wicker/rattan peacock chairs. They never know what they're going to receive, but are grateful for everything.

   Sometimes you might find a real treasure. A local man - who shall remain nameless - picked up an autographed leather bound book at the store for $1.00. When he went online to research it, he found it was written by a German General, in WWII and sells on Amazon for $300.00. So, you might want to stop in and see what they have, and remember the money you spend supports the project and the people.

   The Outreach at Washburn is participating in the Back Pack program and are currently supplying 40 children in Ellenboro Elementary. They're in the process of starting the program at East Rutherford Middle School, too. For those of you who may not know, the Back Pack Program provides children with enough food to get through the weekend when they can't depend on the school's hot lunch program. Sophia confides, "We send extra when there are other children in the home."

   The Golden Valley, Sunshine, Duncan's Creek Mission Outreach is a huge help to some of our neighbors. Monthly meetings are open to the public. Mary Sue has been a member since it's inception. She said, "The Project's purpose is to act as a good neighbor; eemergency funds are used when they're needed."

   If you or someone you know needs help, the GVSDC Project may be reached through any of the four supporting area churches: First Broad, Golden Valley Mission Methodist, Duncan's Creek Presbyterian and Mount Pleasant. You may contact Washburn Community Outreach at the Thrift Store, 828-245-5603. Checks and cash are never given, rather a bill is paid, groceries are supplied, clothing is given.

   Don't hesitate to send a check to either group.
   And if you've got a little extra time they always need volunteers.

Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Ice Cream Social

Monday, September 20 at 7:00 PM

Golden Valley Community Club

You are invited to attend the annual Ice Cream Social at the community club. Guest speakers will be Mary Sue Price from the Golden Valley, Sunshine, Duncan's Creek Outreach, and Sophia Sneed from the Washburn Community Outreach. These local charitable organizations do a lot for our community. Find out what they do and how you can help.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome Jay Ferris!

Golden Valley Community Club with guest speaker, local Author Jay Ferris August 16th, 2010.
In the early 90's, when Jay Ferris walked property with brothers and area surveyors Tom and Frank Melton, they had some rollicking good times and made more than a few memories. Everyone understood where the lines were. Marks were made and calls written down. This is how surveys have traditionally been done in rural Western Carolina.
But not anymore.
Today's sharp attorneys, hired by title companies with almost limitless funds, can render a traditional survey null in a court room without much ado. Jay explained that we need to be aware of how surveys have been done locally in the past, and further should protect our land and rights by hiring a licenced surveyor to take new measurements using modern equipment and to file (record) a plat at the courthouse. Most of us do not have a recorded survey on file. This can cause some serious problems when property is bought and sold. It may even be a problem when adjacent property is transferred. The solution? Get a current survey by a NC licensed surveyor BEFORE you sign a deed.
Land plats are available, for a small fee, in the mapping department at the Rutherford County Courthouse. More mapping information is available at the Rutherford County site online.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Invisible People The growing crisis of homelessness in America has prompted YouTube contributor Mark Horvath, who was homeless himself in LA fifteen years ago, to actually do something about homelessness.

Today, You Tube joins that fight, promoting the Invisible People site.

Think homeless people are homeless by choice? Because they overspent? The average age of a homeless person, according to Horvath, is nine years old.

With more than one million American families facing foreclosure, this crisis is slated to get worse, not better and it's going to get worse fast.

What can you do?

Stop looking the other way. Look at these people, listen to their stories. You can help, Rutherford Housing, the Washburn Community Outreach, and others are working - you can help.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Community Outreach

The old Washburn Community Club has a new look and a new life. Reopened as the Washburn Community Out Reach Center, Director Sophia Sneed and her volunteers are moving right along. A playground is going in next to the walking track, plans for further building are being discussed, and while their website is not completely up the store is open for business. Come by Thursday through Saturday from 9:00 until 2:00. There's a thrift store, a little food pantry, and more. To the right of the parking area there's a 24 hour drop off. "Your trash is my treasure." says Sophia "If you don't want it, bring it to me, we'll find a use for it.



Do you know a family in crisis? Crisis-assistance services are available.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rick Austin speaks at Golden Valley Community Club

Listen to the podcast, as WNCW's Pam Bunch interviews our New Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rick Austin.
Austin spoke this month at the Golden Valley Community Club. He said he and his wife felt very fortunate to be here. He told us his wife often says, "We live where other people vacation".

The Austins live in the Green Hill Community.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ottis Cook Music Park August The Ottis Cook Gospel Memorial Music Park has a show scheduled for August.

Needs Your Help

I received the following email this month:
I am originally from Rutherford County (Ellenboro), my father was from Hollis, and I had relatives in Golden Valley (Paul Jones family).

My cousin, Reba Jones Willis, directed me too your website. She is pictured in the ice cream social.

I am interested in even an earlier history of the area. There were a number o people termed "Free Persons of Color" living in the area in the late 1700s - early 1800s, including the Going?Goins family (William and wife Hester?).

Also, Hester/Ester "Gantanaga" Black Thompson and husband Nathan "Dutch" Thompson (Methodist minister) were at the head of the Little Broad (First Broad) before migrating to Soco Creek around 1800. She was considered to be "Black Dutch." Some, however, thought her to be Cherokee, but I doubt it. Cherokee was a cover - term. I have talked with a number of Cherokee linguists and no one has identified Gantanaga. In fact, it appears to be a name from Indian. even a Roma (Gypsy name), but I have had Roma scholars tell me it would not have been carried over through the years from Indian.

Would you have any information on the early history of the head of First Broad? There is also supposed to be an old "Indian" cemetery somewhere in the area (Casar, Ward's Gap?).

Thanks for any information,

Scott Withrow

WLOS ABC 13 News :: Top Stories

WLOS ABC 13 News :: Top Stories Monday, July 26, 2010

Several Lake Lure cell phone customers are without cell service tonight after a cable was cut.

The story says, "Many who want to make a call, have to drive to an area with service'."

Imagine that.

Golden Valley Township doesn't even have a cell tower. We're always without cell service. That's why the Golden Valley Community Club has launched an initiative to bring it. The little community club has declared that they'll stick together, and pull together, and work together until cell phone service is available in our area. And it's not just for Golden Valley, it's for Sunshine, and Duncan's Creek, all of out rural communities who have had to do without, for long enough.

Lake Lure has a cut cable and it's a top story.

Come on Golden Valley BRING IT

Can You Hear Me Now?

Next meeting, August 23ird, GVCC 7PM, Jonestown and HWY 226.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Community Club Meeting

Don't forget our Community Club Meeting Monday Night at 7:00, July 19, 2010.

Chamber of Commerce Director, Rick Austin is our guest speaker. He's going to tell us about some of the exciting new programs the Chamber is launching. Please, join us in welcoming him Monday night.

And we'd like to thank Lieutenant Detective Chris Lovelace for our interesting program last month on Identity Theft and Prescription Drug Abuse. Thank you Chris.

Monday is a regular dinner meeting, come, bring a dish and (at least) a dollar.

For more information on Golden Valley, visit

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Cherry Mountain Fire Department Auxiliary Cookbook

The Cherry Mountain Fire Department Auxiliary is publishing a cookbook! We're sending fliers into all of the communities served by our fire department asking our good cooks to submit their recipes, not more than 5 per cook, hand printed with their names (which will appear with the recipe in the book). We'll need the recipes by August 15th and the book should be out by Christmas, 2010 just think what a lovely gift that will make.
Are you willing to contribute?
A Firefighter Tribute on You Tube was posted on Facebook by Nicole Bumgarner and Sonya Gowan. Won't you take a few minutes of your time to thank the firemen and women who serve you?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Golden Valley Community Club Meeting June 21

Community Club Meeting Monday Night at 7:00, June 21, 2010!

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the nation - so say the folks over at Pre Paid Legal, but what can we do about it? Come hear Lieutenant Detective, Chris Lovelace with the Forest City Police Department as he addresses this and another growing problem: Prescription Drug abuse.

This is a regular dinner meeting, come, bring a dish and (at least) a dollar.

How concerned to we need to be in our area? Join us Monday night and find out.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cherry Mountain VFD Cookbook

The Auxiliary Club of the Cherry Mountain Fire Department would like to invite you to participate in the founding of our community cookbook.

We need a whole lot of recipes and we know there are some good cooks in our area, Will you take the opportunity to contribute? Your name will appear along with your recipes. Can you imagine how loved this book will be in years to come?

We will accept up to, but not more than, 5 recipes from a single contributor. Pick your very best for this occasion.

Recipes need to be hand printed (carefully some of our typists are worried). Each one needs to have your name on it. We’d love to have your phone number as well in case we have questions, but we won’t put it in the book.

We would ask that if you’re a member of a group that a delegate be selected to deal with our committee; this will save oodles of time in the end.

To share your recipes, all you have to do is write them out and send them to:
Any Member of the Auxiliary!

for the Cherry Mountain Fire Department Auxiliary Cookbook, by August 15, 2010.

We should have this completed by Christmas 2010. Won’t it make a wonderful Christmas Gift?

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

"Support your Fire Department with a gift of time that’s sure to bind our community, as well as our book, together even more closely."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chimney Rock, Lake Lure North Carolina Mountain Vacation Packages

Chimney Rock, Lake Lure North Carolina Mountain Vacation Packages

From the Bureau of Tourism, here you'll find out things about the area, see what's going on and where, and read delightful little articles like "Four Paws Kingdom Goes to the Dogs" a NC Farm Bureau Magazine piece on a "dog-centric" campground.

This is one you'll want to bookmark. Have fun.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Facebook | Golden Valley

Facebook Golden Valley Golden Valley's got a Facebook page! Become a fan and follow the fun.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Whitesides Company

Articles about Golden Valley can be found on my area website.
* * * *
Whitesides Company
When war broke the colonial peace in 1775 the area we know today as Golden Valley was known as Whitesides Company. This was due to an outstanding local militia captain William Whiteside. "During the Revolution, Whiteside was appointed Captain of a local militia, and the entire area of the upper First Broad River, including considerable territory not presently within the Golden Valley Community, became known as "Whiteside's Company"."
Twenty Years before the California gold rush, the Valley rang with the sounds of hammers, picks and water blasters. This marked the beginning of the first placer mining on US soil. Whitesides, was inundated with prospectors and miners. Gold production was in full swing.
The boom was large enough to support two post offices. The first one, Gamble's Store, operated by Willie Gamble, started out where Good Old Boys is today, but later moved down the road not far from where Milliken currently makes it's home. The second post office claimed a spot on Cane Creek Road.
Since mail to the Cane Creek post office was posted "Golden", area residents received their mail through the Golden office. Reference to the post office over the course of time caused the entire area to be known as Golden. The community ultimately took the name assigned by the US Postal service and added Valley to it. The name Whitesides eventually fell into disuse.
Today, instead of two post offices, Golden Valley has no post office. Mail is posted to Bostic with no mention of Golden Valley at all; we even use the Bostic zip. The addition of professional mail carriers, along with paved roads and vehicles, has changed the complexion of the community in many ways. At the Golden Valley Community Club this story was related concerning mail delivery in the area:
The mail carriers were local men hired by the Postmaster. (The chief job requirement: Must Own Horse). Reportedly, these carriers whiled away many a day hanging around the post office, which was also a store, waiting for the mail to come in. Once it arrived and was sorted, they were sent out on horseback to make their rounds.
Forget the ancient postal oath - - "neither cold, nor rain, nor dark of night, NOTHING will keep this carrier from his appointed rounds..." They didn't even put the mail in the right boxes. Often, they stuffed all the mail in the first three or four boxes they came to, leaving the local school children to complete the deliveries after school.
"Somedays," said one former carrier, "you didn't feel like ridin' all that far."

Saturday, February 27, 2010

March 6 2010 Special Meeting

The Golden Valley Community Club is meeting on Saturday March 6th at 1:00 at the clubhouse to accomodate Foothills Connect, Jim Brown who is speaking with us about high speed internet access.

Please plan to attend and lend your support to bringing high speed internet access to all of Golden Valley.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Off the Grid and Thriving!

Off the Grid and Thriving! An article in Mother Earth News. Remember? Boy, Mother Earth News sure takes me back. It'll take you back, too. With topics like Grow Your Best Fall Garden, Simple Living, How to Build A Solar Panel, How To Start A Solar Career, and more, you'll find something that interests you here. I'll guarantee.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Justin, your phone call really meant a lot to me. Calls like yours are what make keeping the website worth while.Shared with permission.11/20/2009
Got a phone call last night.Justin Smith is a young sailor between stations, he was stuck in Virginia. He opened the conversation by saying, "You probably don't remember me, but..""But yeah, yeah I do remember you, Justin, you're Christine's boy.""Well, I just had to call and thank you."

"Thank me?"
"For the website. Golden Valley. I was missing home and went online and found it, and wow, you've got a lot of information on there and I saw your phone number and I just had to call and say Thank You."So, for Lisa Brown who designed the website and keeps it up, and for Bob and Bonnie Thurston, and for Vera and Jack Anderson who have made donations to keep us online. Thank you.And we Thank You, Justin, for serving our country.This website is for you. It's for all your friends and family, andfor your community. It's a tribute to Lucy Fortune Ellis, and Tom and Frank Melton, Jetter Grayson, the members of the Golden Valley Community Club, and all of the generous loving members of this community who have shared their stories, their pictures, and their time with me.

Bless you.

Merry Christmas

It feels like Christmas around here this morning. I've received permission to share this article from Appalachian Voices with you, courtesy of Jamie Goodman, Communications Coordinator and Managing editor. If you never heard of Appalachian Voices, please allow me to introduce you to this fine magazine and suggest that it might make a swell addition to your home library this year.
You'll find subscription information and this marvelous story, by Sharyn McCrumb, "The First Appalachian Journey" on their Website.
If you have problems with the link, cut and paste: