Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Official Travel & Tourism Website for North Carolina

The Official Travel & Tourism Website for North Carolina Looking for something to do this summer? Well, here you'll find just about EVERYTHING there is to do in NC. And if your special somewhere's not listed, well let them know.

From the Biltmore House, to the Arts Festival, From Arts and Entertainment ro Family Fun Want to know great places to play Golf? What about the all time great Sliding Rock near Brevard? They're all here, they're all fun, and some of it's free.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thermal Belts in NC

Thermal Belts in NC via Isothermal Community College.

What is an isotherm anyway? Have you ever been swimming and gone through some warm water, or suddenly felt a chill? Temperature changes in a body of water, a shift that can be measured, may be as near as I can get to describing an isotherm.

I believe the weather here is different because we're in a valley. We have mountains to the east and to the west. When weather rolls north out of the Gulf, I believe it hits the mountains and is deflected from our sheltered valley. Asheville gets more snow than we do, Raleigh/Durham gets more snow than we do, but, what do I know?

In the afore-mentioned article prepared by Isothermal Community College you'll read what W.N. Hurt, a former horticulturist for the state of North Carolina and others, know.

We just know the weather around here is Golden. For a long time I thought that's why they called it, Golden Valley.

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