Thursday, November 18, 2010

Golden Valley NC Fall Color Tour November, 2010

Sunshine, Golden Valley, Duncan's Creek, and Logan's Store are NC Townships

In the East end of Rutherford County, not far from the South Mountains, between Shelby and Marion, NC, you'll find a rural, scenic, historic area with mountains not too high, but high enough to catch some big view-sheds. And it's in the foothills of the Appalachians, so you know it's beautiful. And there is no more beautiful season in the foothills and mountains of Western North Carolina than Autumn. Poets have written much about colored fall foliage, and whoever knows, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood," knows fall was the season Frost was thinking about when he wrote that poem. You may read the poem out loud or to yourself here: The Road Not Taken .

Our Photobucket photo tour begins with Yellowtop, not because it's about Yellowtop, but because I was thinking about Frost's poem and yellow trees and it was too delicious not to take advantage of. Here's a little known fact: It's the multiple poplar trees that give Yellowtop it's crowning glory and you'll find some seriously yellow trees in the second picture. I suggest you view the album as a slideshow.

The inspiration for the Fall Color Tour was my neighbor, Sheila Gipson. Sheila bought a new camera. She was anxious to take it out for a trial run and I was anxious to get out, period. It was a beautiful Saturday, the leaves weren't going to get a bit prettier, and it seemed like our last chance, our last shot before the rains came in Tuesday, November 17th, and the leaves went "brown and down". Out we went at 10:30 AM and we shot the sunset before our return home at 6:30 PM. I've only put some of our pictures online.

Feel free to enjoy them but please do not steal them and claim them as your own. If there's one you must have ask for permission, I don't think you'll find us unreasonable.

You may learn more about our area and Golden Valley at our website:

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