Friday, October 1, 2010

Local Outreach Groups Attend Golden Valley Community Club Meeting

Mary Sue Price speaks at Community Meeting
   As many of Golden Valley's residents hunker down for winter, it's time for a little good news. Sophia Sneed from the Washburn Community Outreach and Mary Sue Price from the Golden Valley, Sunshine, Duncan's Creek Outreach also known as the GVSDC Community Project visited our club on September 20th to let us in on the latest.

   Both groups operate in a hyper-local area, which means, in our little corner of Rutherford County. With funds raised from church donations, grants, and community organizations, both groups help local folks with things like medicine, they might pay an electric bill, might help with a late payment. But the Washburn Community Outreach, which occupies the former Washburn Community Clubhouse, also maintains a food pantry, and sells donated items: clothes, toys, dishes, furniture and whatever they end up with.

   They don't turn anything down. Always finding a use for donated items. The oddest thing that's ever been given, to date, according to Sneed is a very risque nightie, hmmmm. They also might mention the time they got three bread machines in a week... and the time they received four of those wicker/rattan peacock chairs. They never know what they're going to receive, but are grateful for everything.

   Sometimes you might find a real treasure. A local man - who shall remain nameless - picked up an autographed leather bound book at the store for $1.00. When he went online to research it, he found it was written by a German General, in WWII and sells on Amazon for $300.00. So, you might want to stop in and see what they have, and remember the money you spend supports the project and the people.

   The Outreach at Washburn is participating in the Back Pack program and are currently supplying 40 children in Ellenboro Elementary. They're in the process of starting the program at East Rutherford Middle School, too. For those of you who may not know, the Back Pack Program provides children with enough food to get through the weekend when they can't depend on the school's hot lunch program. Sophia confides, "We send extra when there are other children in the home."

   The Golden Valley, Sunshine, Duncan's Creek Mission Outreach is a huge help to some of our neighbors. Monthly meetings are open to the public. Mary Sue has been a member since it's inception. She said, "The Project's purpose is to act as a good neighbor; eemergency funds are used when they're needed."

   If you or someone you know needs help, the GVSDC Project may be reached through any of the four supporting area churches: First Broad, Golden Valley Mission Methodist, Duncan's Creek Presbyterian and Mount Pleasant. You may contact Washburn Community Outreach at the Thrift Store, 828-245-5603. Checks and cash are never given, rather a bill is paid, groceries are supplied, clothing is given.

   Don't hesitate to send a check to either group.
   And if you've got a little extra time they always need volunteers.

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