Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome Jay Ferris!

Golden Valley Community Club with guest speaker, local Author Jay Ferris August 16th, 2010.
In the early 90's, when Jay Ferris walked property with brothers and area surveyors Tom and Frank Melton, they had some rollicking good times and made more than a few memories. Everyone understood where the lines were. Marks were made and calls written down. This is how surveys have traditionally been done in rural Western Carolina.
But not anymore.
Today's sharp attorneys, hired by title companies with almost limitless funds, can render a traditional survey null in a court room without much ado. Jay explained that we need to be aware of how surveys have been done locally in the past, and further should protect our land and rights by hiring a licenced surveyor to take new measurements using modern equipment and to file (record) a plat at the courthouse. Most of us do not have a recorded survey on file. This can cause some serious problems when property is bought and sold. It may even be a problem when adjacent property is transferred. The solution? Get a current survey by a NC licensed surveyor BEFORE you sign a deed.
Land plats are available, for a small fee, in the mapping department at the Rutherford County Courthouse. More mapping information is available at the Rutherford County site online.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Invisible People The growing crisis of homelessness in America has prompted YouTube contributor Mark Horvath, who was homeless himself in LA fifteen years ago, to actually do something about homelessness.

Today, You Tube joins that fight, promoting the Invisible People site.

Think homeless people are homeless by choice? Because they overspent? The average age of a homeless person, according to Horvath, is nine years old.

With more than one million American families facing foreclosure, this crisis is slated to get worse, not better and it's going to get worse fast.

What can you do?

Stop looking the other way. Look at these people, listen to their stories. You can help, Rutherford Housing, the Washburn Community Outreach, and others are working - you can help.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Community Outreach

The old Washburn Community Club has a new look and a new life. Reopened as the Washburn Community Out Reach Center, Director Sophia Sneed and her volunteers are moving right along. A playground is going in next to the walking track, plans for further building are being discussed, and while their website is not completely up the store is open for business. Come by Thursday through Saturday from 9:00 until 2:00. There's a thrift store, a little food pantry, and more. To the right of the parking area there's a 24 hour drop off. "Your trash is my treasure." says Sophia "If you don't want it, bring it to me, we'll find a use for it.



Do you know a family in crisis? Crisis-assistance services are available.