Friday, April 20, 2012

Real Estate Trends in Bostic

What's happening in the Bostic NC real estate market? I've been asked this question so many times, that I usually prepare an excel spreadsheet and email it the first week of every month. This month, however, I've been asked to tell a group so, let me share information from an online source that I've come to use over for reliable information.

The Rutherford County Board of REALTORS is a small local MLS. Because Bostic is in the sandwich between Cleveland and McDowell County and touching Burke to the east, we have real estate agents from each of these boards listing property in the county. I work with all of the agents. That's why I use our company owned lock boxes and not the electronic keyed Supra Boxes - which is a members only proposition. Oh, yes, I have a Supra Key - and it's not cheap - but I don't put their boxes on my listings. We have too many agents working in my area who don't use Supra Keys. We are a small local board but we have a full-fledged data feed, same as any other MLS in the nation, because of this I follow real estate results on Trulia, this gives me reports from ALL of the MLS listings in the area whether they're reported by the local MLS or not. This is what the data looks like today. From view the Marketing Report

Their information is not 100%, but it's getting better. It looks like, according to Trulia there are 189 homes on the market today 4/20/2012 see: KD's Real Estate Blog there's a Trulia Widget and you can see what's for sale in Bostic - zip code 28018.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Biggerstaff Hanging Tree

Chivous Bradley tells the story to RC Catalyst-Biggerstaff Hanging Tree. Tom Melton told it to me, some years ago.

Tom said, on the way back to Gilbert Town, about half way back, at the Biggerstaff Farm the men stopped to camp. The idea was banded about that they ought to hold a trial and hang the traitors they were escorting. Now they'd stopped at Aaron Biggerstaff's farm. Aaron had been killed at the Battle of King's Mountain. Some men were dispatched to go into town and bring back some magistrates.

According to Tom, 36 men were tried and found guilty of treason and were sentenced to death by hanging.

The hanging's commenced and stopped after nine bodies were swinging in the tree. Tom said there were several differing stories about why the hangings were stopped, one story is that they simply ran out of rope, one story says they were too drunk to continue and the one Tom liked the best, although whether it was true or not he did not know went like this:

Nine bodies were swinging when a young man, a boy of about ten or eleven rode frantically into the midst of the assembly bareback on a rail thin plow horse. Having learned that his brother was sentenced to hang, he hurried as quickly as he could to the Biggerstaff's.

Now, what we don't realize about the war, is that most of the opponents knew each other, most went to school or church or at the least knew one another from around town, and hanging people you don't know is hard enough, hanging friends, and family, well that's another matter.

This young man is said to have made a near hysterical appealed to the soldiers, to please let his brother go, to let him come home. It was October of the year and there were a lot of farm chores to be done else wise the family would not make it through the winter. Tom told that one of the soldiers, cut the brother loose, put both boys on that old horse, slapped it's rump and watched them ride away. No one made any effort to stop them and no one else was hanged.

The next day the soldiers rode on, leaving all nine bodies in the tree for the widow Biggerstaff and her hired man to deal with. And you can bet there's a story there....

True? Who knows. It came down in area oral history, and as most tales is as good as the telling.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Golden Valley Community Club Meeting - April 2012

We are back to business as usual at the Golden Valley Clubhouse on Monday night. We’re going back to the third Monday of the month, and it will be nice to get back into our building! We’re also getting back into bringing a covered dish and a dollar (for paper goods). If you’re a guest, by all means come as our guest. If you’ve been before you’re a member – bring a dish and a dollar! Occasionally we’re asked if we’ll accept more than a dollar – of course we will. What’s up in the community? Pop over to our web log (blog) and have a look: here you’ll find Easter news from a couple of our churches and a post about the new business in Sunshine, Lunsford Financial – Warren Lunsford does Insurance and Taxes and if you haven’t turned in your taxes yet, why you run right down and see him. This month we look forward to our guest speaker, Virginia Hawkins. Virginia will be talking about various stages the country Rhodesia took as it became independent Zimbabwe and talk about what life is like there today. Virginia and her husband, Geoff, were both born in Rhodesia. Their fathers were colleagues in the Government. Virginia’s Father-in-Law was Air Vice Marshall of the Rhodesian Air Force and later became Ambassador to South Africa, although he was by birth an Australian. Geoff and Virginia along with their two children have lived in England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India and Bangladesh. She says “We chose North Carolina for our retirement”. And we’re happy to have them here in Golden Valley. What a lovely place to call home. It’s exciting to have people from all over the world coming to Rutherford County, please join us on Monday night to hear Virginia. I look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to friend us on Facebook!!/pages/Golden-Valley/104422519892

Washburn Community Outreach Center - Bostic NC

Pastor Laurie, of Salem Church reports: If you haven't been to the Washburn Community Outreach Center recently, please make the trip! Crystal Tate has done a phenomenal job and it will be a blessing for you to see ! We will be putting the shirts with the scarves made by Carol and the Youth at the Outreach Center - please consider purchasing one (the accompanying shirt is free) and the youth will receive all of the profits. Also, please remember that the black bins beneath the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall are for collecting food for the Outreach Center Food Pantry and for the BackPack program. Please see your bulletin for suggested donations. Join the Ourteach Center on Facebook!!/pages/Washburn-Community-OutReach-Center/112662588828072

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Worship Services, April 5 - 8 at Cedar Grove

Maundy Thursday Community Worship Service
Come remember the Last Supper of Christ with His Disciples
with the people of Cedar Grove, Salem, & Sunshine UMC
at Sunshine UMC 367 Depriest Rd, Bostic, NC
Thursday, April 5, 2012; 6:00 PM

Good Friday Community Service
Come remember the reason for the crucifixion of Christ and His Burial in the Tomb
with the people of Cedar Grove, Salem, & Sunshine UMC
at Salem UMC 177 Salem Church Rd, Bostic, NC
Friday, April 6, 2012; 6:00 PM

Easter Sunrise Community Service
Sunday, April 8, 2012; 6:45 AM
with Breakfast to follow in fellowship hall
at Cedar Grove UMC Cemetery, 160 Toney Rd, Bostic, NC

Easter Sunday Service
with the people of Cedar Grove and Sunshine UMC
Sunday, April 8, 2012; 11:00 AM
at Cedar Grove UMC, 160 Toney Rd, Bostic, NC

Blessings and Joy! Pastor Cindy Lunsford 828-891-2753, 828-245-0293

Monday, April 2, 2012

Salem UMC - Easter Newsletter

What a joyful celebration we had today for Palm Sunday. Our children blessed us with their memorized Bible verse, both Psalm 151 and the adult choir were magnificent, Pat and Amy blessed up with their gifts of music, and Greta's children's sermon was enjoyable for young and old alike!

As we begin Holy Week, please keep in mind these dates and times :

Monday 7:00 pm Washburn Community Outreach Center

Board Meeting at the Center

Tuesday 6:30 pm ZUMBA (see PS below)

7:30 pm Psalm 151 practice (see PS below)

Wednesday 5:00 pm meal

6:30 pm Children's Program "The Easter Tree" in the Sanctuary

7:30 Choir Practice

Thursday 6:00 pm Maundy Thursday Service / Sunshine UMC

Friday 6:00 pm Good Friday/Tennebrae Service / Salem UMC

Sunday (Easter)

7:00 am Sunrise Service

7:45 am Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall

11:00 am Worship with Easter Cantata

We had a wonderful evening of Youth and Confirmation tonight. Thank you to Beth and Jason who helped with Confirmation, to the youth who are continuing to work and plan for their mission trip, and to the Confirmands for putting together Easter Baskets for our homebound members.

My office hours for this week will be :

Monday 10:00am - 1:00pm

Tuesday 3:00 - 5:30 pm

Wednesday 2:30 - 5:00 pm
Thursday 2:00 - 5:00 pm

I pray that you will all have a very holy "Holy Week" as you contemplate the God we serv, the God who loved us so much that He was willing to become one of us and walk through all of life with us.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Laurie

PS Please not that there will be no ZUMBA this week, neither on Tuesday or Thursday nights, because of Holy Week. In addition, Psalm 151 Praise Band will not be practicing on Tuesday evening.

Activities will resume as normal next week

Country Ham Supper April 7th