Monday, December 6, 2010

Strategies for Protecting Your Property

Golden Valley, Logan's Store, Duncan's Creek and Sunshine

Twenty-three people attended the meeting.

"There are some simple things you can do to protect your home that you might not have thought of." says Pastor Gary Smith, formerly an officer of the law in nearby VA and currently the Pastor at Feirview Baptist Church.

"Pay Attention".  

Do you know what's going on at your neighbor's house? Do you know who's up to no-good; who's responsible for some of these break-ins, do you know who's on drugs?. Did you know you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously? They will not ask for your name, what they will do is assign you a number, if one of your tips nets a reward the check will be payable to your number and sent to the bank where you can pick it up and cash it. No signatures required, no questions asked. This is to encourage the public to come forward; this is a way you can call law enforcement without fear of retribution.

Gary says the Bible verse Love your neighbor applies. You need to look out for your neighbor's home and property. We're supposed to help one another and sometimes that means being cohesive. Romans 12:18

There are some men you can not live peacefully with, and they ought to be held accountable. And since in NC we vote for our judges, we need to pay attention to what those judges are doing and hold them accountable, too.

While we have had some break-ins and theft in our area and we've been real lucky.... Home invasions... there haven't been any in our area, yet. But the burglaries continue, and Smith says, "This is not going to stop on it's own. Citizens are going to have to make reports, they're going to have to start paying attention, and you can start right now: Look out for your neighbor."

And look out for yourself - take a walk around the perimeter of your house. Are their tools of opportunity? Bricks, rocks, post hole diggers, a rock with a key under it, a flowerpot?

Check your locks, are they in good working order? Do you have a deadbolt? Make it hard to get into your house. Smith warns, "Sliding glass doors are indefensible. Criminals look for the easy target, they avoid lights, barking dogs, further they dislike dead bolt locks, steel doors, motion lights. Keep your bushes trimmed, so as not to provide lurking room. Don't carry purses in town." (But if you have to... Becky Heavener says, "Run the cart strap through the purse handles, it makes a grab and dash less likely."

If you have a long driveway, you might want to consider a driveway motion detector. A receiver in the house goes off or beeps when there's traffic on the driveway. You can use these around your house, as well as in a driveway. It might be nice to know you're going to have company BEFORE you have company.

Alarm systems are often tied into telephone systems. It can take deputies up to 45 minutes to respond to Golden Valley depending on where officers are coming from from. Rutherford county is 454, nearly 500 square miles, it's a huge county and there aren't many officers. You should have a plan of action, a plan to save yourself, and your family. Chances are the criminals will be gone before the police arrive.

Here are some things you should do.

Keep a pen and paper in your car. If you see something suspicious, write down the time, the date, the type and color of any vehicles, a description of the people, and if you have a camera with you or if your cell phone has a camera, take a picture. And if you have a cell phone and know where your Record button is, you can record information along with your picture.

"Take inventory."

Engrave a number (not your SS#) on large items like tool chests, tools... Use an indelible marker to mark belongings that can't be engraved. Some of your things have serial numbers write them down, laptops, appliances, flat screen TVs. NCIC keeps all stolen serial #'s and if an item is ever recovered, you'll get it back. And put your inventory sheet somewhere safe.

After the new sheriff takes office we'll have him come out and help us set up a community watch. Please let us know if you're interested. Let us know if: you want to be informed about the neighborhood watch and if you want to sign the petition for cell phones.

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