Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Golden Valley NC is a lovely place to live

Life here is a little slower, a little sweeter, and a lot gentler than it is in the city. I get a little too laid back sometimes. I was sending a link to the blog to a friend who just bought a log cabin and noticed I haven't put anything up since May. I've been busy.

Ya'll know I'm in real estate, and since I started McCall's Real Estate I've just been wide open. First thing I had to order signs, then had to get some listings up, then had to start advertising for buyers, then started advertising on Zillow, Trulia, and before you knew it nearly two years had passed and I was still working on something. Logos, and print ads, and websites, oh my!

The latest, that's had me pinned down this week, besides writing contracts for buyers and sellers, is virtual tours. I've been doing slideshows all along, but recently had an opportunity to hire a photographer to do some aerial, drone, work. That was lovely, but you have to host that sort of thing somewhere, and I had to build another platform, and complying with MLS regulations is sort of tough, so it got kind of nuts. It worked out swell - McCall's Real Estate Tours

I've been updating the Facebook Page, that's easy enough to post to. GoldenValleyNC on Facebook and that's the easiest place to toss a quick note on things to do, places to visit, I love to share things in Day Trips. So, thanks for following along with us. I have a web designer coming over to who's going to set up something I can update myself. A guy called from Charlotte said everything on Golden Valley NC was 10 years old. True!

The reason everything on the site was ten years old is because I hired a web designer to build the site, and back in '05 they all wrote their own code. I don't write html and don't know squat about ftpuploaders and it was over my head. She quit and went to work in Rutherfordton and I had her to add a Blogger link and a Facebook Page link and that was how I've been updating. We have WordPress now, and I have a lot more experience and so I've hired a designer to build a WordPress site. Why? Tom Melton and Lucy Fortune Ellis and a lot of other people have shared bits and pieces of Golden Valley's history with me and I feel obliged to share it. They gave it to me to share, I was going to write a book, and I nearbout have written a book, but no one wants to publish a book about the History of Golden Valley, so I'll just share it online. I think when you get something you should give something. I picked up roadside trash with Laddie and Elsie Brackett one day and realized I'd be lots more help behind a keyboard than dead of a stroke in a side ditch. Let me tell you, they were both  30 years older than I am and they 'bout worked me into the ground!

I've got lots of pictures and stories and things we'll be putting up, a little along. Right now we're in the dreaming stage, trying to pick a theme that can grow with us. We're getting ready to launch, and I'll appreciate you sharing material to put on the site like you used to do, and we'll get with the program and get something up and running.

People ask and I have to tell them, no, I wasn't born here, but I got here as quickly as I could. This area has provided me with a swell place to raise my boys, George and Michael Day, and the Edison Queen Place was a sweet old home place to my family, too. We lived there for 16, nearly 17 years. We bought a house down the road in Sunshine, but we kept our acreage on the Fire Tower Road, and we'll be keeping a spot open in the valley for ourselves, you can count on it.

Share your stories! Karen