Friday, January 28, 2011

Concealed Carry Class Scheduled in February

The concealed weapons class is scheduled for the first Saturday in Feb, 5th. The class will cost $50.00 and starts at 8:00 am at Fairview Baptist Church. Tell you friends.

Sunshine School & the Ingles Advantage Card

Sunshine School and the Ingles Advantage

"Participants must sign up each school year to enroll for that year."

If you shop at Ingles and use an Ingles Advantage card, please sign up for the Tools for Schools program online. Every time you use your Ingles Advantage card a donation will be made to Sunshine School. Sign up here Ingles Advantage and Sunshine School

And tell your friends.

Golden Valley Community Club is Closed for the Winter

The Golden Valley Community Club is closed for the winter.

There will be no meeting January 17.

The heat pump at the clubhouse has been a real blessing and we're glad to have it, but when it's extremely cold it's not sufficient to heat the building. And it's expensive. With fewer community club members and the loss of our community elders, who used the wood stove to make sure the plumbing did not freeze, we can't afford to keep the building open.

And yes, we do have rentals. We charge $25.00 to rent the clubhouse, but when it's cold $25.00 doesn't come close to paying the electric bill. So, the decision was made to drain the waterlines and to shut the building down for the rest of the winter. The building has been winterized by David Bracket and Frank Perez. (Thank you guys).

The community club members might meet at one of our church families fellowship halls, but not this month.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Journey Scholarships available to GVCC Seniors

From Linda Lamp, Director of WNC Communities, January 20, 2011
"It is an honor for WNC Communities to offer The Journey Scholarship Program to youth in our communities preparing to enter college. Last year, $7,500 in scholarships was awarded to seven deserving high school seniors continuing their education.

Attached is the Journey Scholarship Application for 2011. The criteria for this scholarship are listed on page two and the deadline to get the completed application postmarked and into the WNC Communities’ Office is April 4, 2011. Please familiarize yourself with the application particularly noting the “Community Confirmation” section on the final page. This is where we need a community officer to sign the application to help confirm the high school senior applying for the Journey Scholarship actually live in and/or participate in your community. It is important to note the application process is open to high school seniors in communities that participated in the 2010 WNC Honors Awards Program."

Golden Valley did, in fact, participate in the Community Program and it would be our pleasure to endorse a student. Here's a link to Google Docs so you can download the application. Journey Scholarship 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Golden Valley Newsletter, January 2011

And here's a lovely link to the January 2011 newsletter: It's admittedly a little long, but it was a one click addition. And if you'd like to receive one of our monthly email newsletters, sign up. The widget is on the left of this blog in the top of the menu bar.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rutherford County NC- Tax Exempt Organizations and Rutherford North Carolina Non Profit Organizations

If the Golden Valley Community Club is to continue it may have to become a non-profit. If there are any club members or community volunteers who might be interested in helping us with non-profit status please let us know. Rutherford County NC- Tax Exempt Organizations and Rutherford North Carolina Non Profit Organizations . This link can help any group/club/organization with non-profit filing.