Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rick Austin speaks at Golden Valley Community Club

Listen to the podcast, as WNCW's Pam Bunch interviews our New Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rick Austin.
Austin spoke this month at the Golden Valley Community Club. He said he and his wife felt very fortunate to be here. He told us his wife often says, "We live where other people vacation".

The Austins live in the Green Hill Community.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ottis Cook Music Park August

http://www.gvcmusic.com/id2.html The Ottis Cook Gospel Memorial Music Park has a show scheduled for August.

Needs Your Help

I received the following email this month:
I am originally from Rutherford County (Ellenboro), my father was from Hollis, and I had relatives in Golden Valley (Paul Jones family).

My cousin, Reba Jones Willis, directed me too your website. She is pictured in the ice cream social.

I am interested in even an earlier history of the area. There were a number o people termed "Free Persons of Color" living in the area in the late 1700s - early 1800s, including the Going?Goins family (William and wife Hester?).

Also, Hester/Ester "Gantanaga" Black Thompson and husband Nathan "Dutch" Thompson (Methodist minister) were at the head of the Little Broad (First Broad) before migrating to Soco Creek around 1800. She was considered to be "Black Dutch." Some, however, thought her to be Cherokee, but I doubt it. Cherokee was a cover - term. I have talked with a number of Cherokee linguists and no one has identified Gantanaga. In fact, it appears to be a name from Indian. even a Roma (Gypsy name), but I have had Roma scholars tell me it would not have been carried over through the years from Indian.

Would you have any information on the early history of the head of First Broad? There is also supposed to be an old "Indian" cemetery somewhere in the area (Casar, Ward's Gap?).

Thanks for any information,

Scott Withrow

WLOS ABC 13 News :: Top Stories

WLOS ABC 13 News :: Top Stories Monday, July 26, 2010

Several Lake Lure cell phone customers are without cell service tonight after a cable was cut.

The story says, "Many who want to make a call, have to drive to an area with service'."

Imagine that.

Golden Valley Township doesn't even have a cell tower. We're always without cell service. That's why the Golden Valley Community Club has launched an initiative to bring it. The little community club has declared that they'll stick together, and pull together, and work together until cell phone service is available in our area. And it's not just for Golden Valley, it's for Sunshine, and Duncan's Creek, all of out rural communities who have had to do without, for long enough.

Lake Lure has a cut cable and it's a top story.

Come on Golden Valley BRING IT

Can You Hear Me Now?

Next meeting, August 23ird, GVCC 7PM, Jonestown and HWY 226.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Community Club Meeting

Don't forget our Community Club Meeting Monday Night at 7:00, July 19, 2010.

Chamber of Commerce Director, Rick Austin is our guest speaker. He's going to tell us about some of the exciting new programs the Chamber is launching. Please, join us in welcoming him Monday night.

And we'd like to thank Lieutenant Detective Chris Lovelace for our interesting program last month on Identity Theft and Prescription Drug Abuse. Thank you Chris.

Monday is a regular dinner meeting, come, bring a dish and (at least) a dollar.

For more information on Golden Valley, visit http://www.GoldenValleyNC.com