Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Justin, your phone call really meant a lot to me. Calls like yours are what make keeping the website worth while.Shared with permission.11/20/2009
Got a phone call last night.Justin Smith is a young sailor between stations, he was stuck in Virginia. He opened the conversation by saying, "You probably don't remember me, but..""But yeah, yeah I do remember you, Justin, you're Christine's boy.""Well, I just had to call and thank you."

"Thank me?"
"For the website. Golden Valley. I was missing home and went online and found it, and wow, you've got a lot of information on there and I saw your phone number and I just had to call and say Thank You."So, for Lisa Brown who designed the website and keeps it up, and for Bob and Bonnie Thurston, and for Vera and Jack Anderson who have made donations to keep us online. Thank you.And we Thank You, Justin, for serving our country.This website is for you. It's for all your friends and family, andfor your community. It's a tribute to Lucy Fortune Ellis, and Tom and Frank Melton, Jetter Grayson, the members of the Golden Valley Community Club, and all of the generous loving members of this community who have shared their stories, their pictures, and their time with me.

Bless you.

Merry Christmas

It feels like Christmas around here this morning. I've received permission to share this article from Appalachian Voices with you, courtesy of Jamie Goodman, Communications Coordinator and Managing editor. If you never heard of Appalachian Voices, please allow me to introduce you to this fine magazine and suggest that it might make a swell addition to your home library this year.
You'll find subscription information and this marvelous story, by Sharyn McCrumb, "The First Appalachian Journey" on their Website.
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