Friday, February 17, 2012

Cherry Mountain Fire Department Auxiliary

We NEED you!

The Cherry Mountain Fire Department Auxiliary Club is always looking for new members. And we don't have to have 100% committment from all or any of our group. What we need is for people who are available to respond to our call, to come to the fire department in the event of a fire and stand by to prepare and/or to carry food, drinks and other requested items to the scene of a fire. Sometimes we just need people to help with fundraisers, and to make meeting announcements at church. Sometimes we just need someone to help serve at one of our dinners. We also need to add to the core group of regulars who meet monthly, on the second Tursday, who plan and arrange and sell doughnut holes and cook books and tee shirts and whatever else they can do to get behind and to help our firefighters. Volunteer - Men and Women - We need you!

The Cherry Mountain Fire Department Auxiliary Club has a few cookbooks left. At $10.00 each the cookbooks have been a great fund raiser for the Auxiliary and all of the recipes in the book were given by members of the community. "Recipes to the Rescue" is the Cherry Mountain Fire Department's first cookbook and we've almost sold out. If you want one, call Karen or any of the auxiliary members.

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