Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cemetary Rules and Laws

Ya'll know I'm in real estate and you also know I'm the Golden Valley Honorary Historian, so it comes as no surprise that a descendant of a Golden Valley private grave-yard ooccupant has contacted me to find out where a cemetary is, and to ask if they might visit their Great Grandmother's grave and take some photographs.

I've got to thank John Grimes for this well written and comprehensive article:

I was on the verge of selling a piece of property one time when the buyer realized there was a family graveyard on the property. He nearly backed out, because he didn't want to have open access across the property and he believed he couldn't close the old roadbed. Turns out the graveyard was so close to the main road that it wasn't a problem, but I remembered if you own property with a cemetery you have to grant access to the descendants. They do, however have to request permission to visit. See NC General Statute 10 in the article.

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