Monday, March 19, 2012

Taxes Done at Lunsford Financial, Sunshine, NC


If you've driven out the Bostic Sunshine Highway through Sunshine Community lately you've noticed there's a new business in the old Foy Biggerstaff Store. It's none other than Lunsford Financial Services, he's in business and is on duty to help you with your taxes.




Stop in and see him sometime.


The Tax Dude said...

Mr. Lunsford in violating the trademark of "The Tax Dude®". Kindly cease and desist!

KD McCall said...

Oh no! Mr. Lunsford, I meant to give you a business boost, not to incur the wrath of "The Tax Dude". I apologise for saying - The Tax Dude of Sunshine is on duty, that was my headline for the little business plug Miss Tracy asked me to do for you. I didn't mean to cause a problem. I didn't even know there was such a trademark as "The Tax Dude". I am so sorry. Karen

Unknown said...

I didn't know of Mr. The Tax Dude in Chicago before this week.

I am an original, and was only informing people that I was on Duty to prepare tax returns.

I respect Mr. Johnson's investment in his Marks, so I took the word "Dude" off that sidewalk sign as of 04/02 because I don't intend to upset anyone. I am just a guy with a pocket full of pens, and a desire to serve.

I am just the local friendly tax preparer, and insurance agent trying to serve my community.

Karen, thank you for your help with your website.

Unknown said...

The church has assigned my wife to a new location, therefore I have moved my operations. We are now located in Marshville, NC. My address is PO Box 394, Marshville, NC 28103. My phone number is (704)288-7378. I offer home owners and automobile insurance as well as my tax preparation services. Call me today and let's talk business.